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International Journal of Social and Allied Research (IJSAR)

Index Copernicus Journal Id: 8625

ISSN 2319-3611

Volume 1(3) June 2013

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Research Papers  
1. Cognitive Dynamics in an Ethnic Group of North India 133-141
  Deepti Aggarwal, Dr. A.K. Kapoor
2. Spirituality at Workplace and Its Impact on Performance and Job Satisfaction 142-147
  Pranjali Madhur
3. Wireless Sensor Networks Security: A Review 148-154
  Pallavi Sharma
4. Relationship Banking - A Comprehensive Review 155-159
  Himaanshu Sachdeva
5. Educational Interest Trend among Young Children 160-162
  Dr. Sarika Mohta
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Research Papers


Cognitive Dynamics in an Ethnic Group of North India
Deepti Aggarwal1, A.K. Kapoor2

Research Fellow1, Professor2
Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi, North Campus, Delhi-110007, India.
Vol. 1(3): pp 133-141 (2013)
Abstract: Human beings are social animals. We all realize that much of what we do and think stem from our interaction with others. It will be hard to put find anything we do or think that is completely independent of our social relationships. The details of human behavior are provided by learning and people individual experiences which come through social-cultural relationship. Human behavior is the result of interaction of brain, culture and environment. Socio-biological culture of human beings shapes their cognitive development. Cognition refers to the process through information coming from the senses is transformed, reduced, elaborated, recovered and use. In this paper, we have discussed people perception about thinking pattern, emotion, dream and religion among Bania - an ethnic group. People’s perception of others’ personality and feeling-as well as the cause for their behavior are the result of nexus between culture-brain-environment.
Keywords: Culture, Cognition, Human behavior, Social-Culture relationship, Perception, Thinking pattern.

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Spirituality at Workplace and Its Impact on Performance and Job Satisfaction
Pranjali Madhur

Assistant Professor, Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Paud Road, Kothrud, Pune-411038, Maharashtra, India.
Vol. 1(3): pp 142-147 (2013)
Abstract: This study involving a sample of 211 management teachers in Pune area of India sets out to find out if there is a positive correlation between spirituality on one side, and job performance, job satisfaction and overall satisfaction with life on the other. Spirituality was measured with a short form of Daily Spiritual Experience scale developed by Lynn Underwood. The correlation efficient of Spirituality with Job Performance works out to be very low and with non-significant p-value, meaning that there is no relation between spirituality and performance; but spirituality is positively correlated with job satisfaction and negatively correlated with overall satisfaction with life.
Keywords: Spirituality, Workplace spirituality, Workplace performance, Job satisfaction, Spirituality at workplace, Workplace satisfaction.

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Wireless Sensor Networks Security: A Review
Pallavi Sharma

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Banasthali University, Jaipur-302011, Rajasthan, India.
Vol. 1(3): pp 148-154 (2013)
Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) is a significant technology which is attracting many researchers. Advancement in Wireless communication and electronics has promoted to develop cost-efficient, multi-functional, small-size, cheap and smart sensors. Deployment of such network is providing extensive benefits specially in scarce areas. With an advancement is manufacturing and deployment of such network, one major thing is to be taken care of and that is "security within WSN". There is a huge scope for research in this area, many approaches are already proposed for this specific area. In this paper we have firstly explored the obstacles in WSN security, then the security needs in WSN, after that we have identified the type of attacks and threats associated within WSN also we have reviewed proposed security mechanisms and we have discussed layer wise threats and attacks and techniques to address them and at last parameters which is to be considered while addressing the attacks and threats of WSN.
Keywords: WSN security, Wireless sensor network, Sensor network security, Localization, Layer wise security, Ad-hoc architecture.

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Relationship Banking - A Comprehensive Review
Himaanshu Sachdeva

Senior Manager, Standard Chartered Bank, New Delhi, India.
Vol. 1(3): pp 155-159 (2013)
Abstract: A significant role of bank is to serve as a relationship lender. With the ever-increasing competition and recession in banking sector, it has become very important to have a long term relationship with the customers. This fits into the core economic services provided by the banks and adds value and benefits not only to the bank but also to the customer. However, the long-term relationship with the customers also has few disadvantages. Although relationship banking may prove to be very important for the overall success of banks, still there is a strong need to overcome the potential disadvantages. The important aspects of relationship banking, including its operational details, merits, demerits and future insight are briefly studied in this paper.
Keywords: Banking, Relationship banking, Relationship marketing, Bank, Credit, Financial market.

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Educational Interest Trend among Young Children
Dr. Sarika Mohta

Director, Muskaan Counselling Centre, Kota, Rajasthan, India.
Vol. 1(3): pp 160-162 (2013)
Abstract: Objectives: To know the educational interest trend among young children and effects of gender differences and environment on interest trend.
Sample: 434 students of Aklank and Modi Public School of Kota (Rajasthan) were taken for study, in this 158 were girls and 276 were boys.
Tool: Dr. S.P. Kulshrestha’s Educational Interest Record was implied. It measures interest in seven areas- Agriculture, Commerce, Fine Arts, Home-Science, Humanities, Science and Technology.
Result: Thus after scoring and analysis the data obtained, could be said that Gender and environment affect interests. And current educational trend among young children is highest interest in technology, than commerce, fine arts, science, humanities, home-science and least interest in agriculture.
Keywords: Education, Educational interest, Gender differences, Environmental effect, Interest trend, Educational interest trend.

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