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Business to Business Marketing






Business to Business Marketing
Author : S.L. Gupta, Sanjeev Bahadur and Hitesh Gupta
ISBN : 978-01-98086-12-3
Publisher : Oxford University Press, New Delhi, India

Edition : First

MRP : INR 480/- (India)

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About The Book


Business-to-business Marketing is a comprehensive textbook designed to meet the requirements of postgraduate management students specializing in marketing. It aims to familiarize the readers not only with the core concepts but also with the managerial aspects related to business-to-business (B2B) marketing.

The book begins with an overview of B2B marketing, discussing the characteristics, importance, and basic elements of a B2B marketing system and goes on to explain B2B strategic planning and its models. Following this, it lays emphasis on the process of B2B market research and the stages of new product development. Other important topics discussed include segmentation, target marketing, and positioning of B2B products; product line analysis; ways of pricing the business products; personal selling; B2B sales force management; marketing channels; and logistics management. The book concludes with discussions on e-procurement and the procedure followed by the Government of India while purchasing B2B products.

Written in a simple manner with inclusion of varied case studies and numerous critical thinking questions, the book will be useful for both students and professionals.

Salient Features

- Discusses B2B buyer behaviour model in the Indian context
- Provides in-depth coverage and analysis of B2B strategic planning and B2B market research
- Includes a separate chapter on the Directorate General of Supplies and Disposals to expound on the techniques of fixing prices for B2B products in India
- Contains examples of renowned organizations such as Hewlett Packard, Toyota, Mahindra Satyam, Tata Steel Ltd, Bharti Airtel Ltd, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd, National Thermal Power Corporation, and many more


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