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SPSS 17.0 - For Researchers






SPSS 17.0 - For Researchers
Author : S.L.Gupta and Hitesh Gupta
ISBN : 978-81-910642-5-4
Publisher : International Book House, New Delhi, India
Edition : Second
MRP : INR 325/- (India)

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About The Book


This book introduces SPSS 17.0 software to help Researchers/ Students/Teachers/Live Projects Managers related with education institutions or corporate world with detailed flow of procedures for many research techniques with short and concise theoretical explanations. Our aim is to demonstrate when and how a statistical tool is required. We also like to teach researchers/students which statistical tool to run, how to run it, and how to interpret the output. 

We have accordingly integrated the software commands into the text and provided output screens that help researchers and students see what to analyze/how to interpret data based on output. We have provided SPSS working commands for every tool discussed at the end of chapter. The brief execises are given to practice the tools and techniques for in-depth understanding with proper application.


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